A Second Life for Used Aluminmum Foil: Free Scouring Pads Found in Your Kitchen

If You Care Aluminum Foil

I have never had any luck with steel wool. Perhaps all of you who have got it together domestically ask, where is luck required in the use of steel wool? Well, I can use it just fine. It’s the best thing for scrubbing a burnt pan clean. But the problem is after I use it. Once it gets wet, steel wool rusts and not only does it look nasty, but it leaves red stains on the sink and counter.

I’ve tried airing them dry on racks, putting them in the dishwasher, and even polishing with Brasso, but I have never been able to keep my steel wool from rusting. So I stopped buying them several years ago and resorted to scouring with plastic scrubbers, baking soda, and other methods that require excessive effort with less than satisfactory results.

Then yesterday, I forgot the dogs’ dinner on the stove (which was to be chicken and white rice) and ended up with a lump of charcoal stuck to the bottom of a steel pot. Because I am short of time and have a lot to do, I needed a faster way to clear up the mess and came up with the idea of scrubbing with used aluminum foil. I got out a small tin from a pie, scrunched it up and voila! I had an excellent scrubber. It doesn’t even rust.

And so I wanted to share my discovery with other frugalites. Give your aluminum foil a second use. Scrunch it up really well so it doesn’t gouge your cookware. Use it as many times as you think proper and then throw it away. When you finish a casserole or lasagna, how convenient that you can use the cover to clean the pan? And if there should be a proper way to store steel wool and you should happen to know it, you might drop me a note.

Not that I’ll be buying anymore, but just out of curiosity.

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