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We are 2 sisters in our mid-late twenties who discovered the concept of frugality several years ago when we quit our full-time jobs in Hawaii where good employment is scarce, and moved to California in search of a way of life that would allow us to work for ourselves and hopefully pursue our interests in the arts instead of dishonest employers whose practices went against our personal and business ethics. Having spent all of our savings on our move, we found ourselves constantly trying to find imaginative and unconventional solutions in establishing our new home and way of life. Over the past few years, we have learned and figured out a great deal about making economies, and we it is our intention to share our ideas and solutions here in this blog.

Although we are not experts in these matters, we will also share a few things we have learned in regards to personal finance, home improvement and decoration, holistic pet care, and even a few favorite recipes for inexpensive and time-efficient meals.

And while work and frugality are important, so are wholesome entertainment and activities. We are avid readers with a particular interest in good children’s and young adult literature, and will therefore also share reviews and recommendations of favorite books for both children and adults. We will do the same for films, music and activities that we have found especially entertaining, educational, enlightening, worthy and contributive to a well-rounded life. These recommendations can be found under the “Hobbies” category.

Author Bios

Just a short introduction about each of us, our interests and specialties in regards to the topics we write about.

Madoline Hatter

Our Designer Copyright E.S.M.

I am a compulsive reader, musician, and a sort of artist. I provide the artistic work in the endeavors I undertake with my sister such as sewing, pattern drafting, painting, and computer graphics. I have a B.A. in Music – Voice. Subjects that interest me are classical music, music history, English literature, foreign languages, science, psychology, and animal training. In my free time I play the piano, sing, read about music history, and teach my dog tricks.

Our Graphic Artist Copyright E.S.M. Our Fourpence Worth

I also love a good novel especially if it is by Jane Austen or Charles Dickens. My favorite languages are English and German. I am currently learning French and have acquired a vocabulary about 10 words and mastered vague notions of grammar. My interest in linguistics has led to experiments in teaching dogs English. My dog Wolfie can sing a song in rhythm, but out of tune.

Penelope Pince

Our Office Manager Copyright E.S.M. Our Fourpence Worth

I am also a compulsive reader, musician, and a left-brained sort of artist. I have the dubious honor of being the “office manager” and “finance person” in all of our business and household affairs, my duties including but not limited to webmastering, customer service, bill paying, and the unhappiest of all, taxes. I hold a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies: Linguistics, German, French, Spanish & Chinese.

Our Accountant Copyright E.S.M. Our Fourpence WorthMy interests lie in foreign languages (currently slowly learning Italian), classical & film music, computers, collecting foreign editions of Harry Potter books, and German games. I enjoy literature such as Jane Austen and contemporary authors such as Sophie Kinsella. In my spare time I can be found at the computer, piano, strangling a questionable tune out of the violin, watching movies, or being trampled by my dog Luwie.

To find out a even more about us, please visit the More About Us page.


Many of the excellent photographs displayed in our articles were taken by Petr Kratochvil who has generously released them into the public domain. To find out if an image was by Mr. Kratochvil, look for “Photo by Petr Kratochvil” in the image properties (mouseover the image in Internet Explorer or right-click on the image and select “properties”).

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