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DIY Plumbing Solution: The Baking Soda & Vinegar Plumb Bomb, an Eco-Friendly Chemical-Free Liquid Plumr & Drano Alternative

The Problem

Being first time homeowners, we were unaware (until a few days ago) that the main drain in a house needs to be regularly maintained to prevent clogs from developing. So those of you who are savvy homeowners should not be astonished to hear that after 6 years, our drain developed a serious clog. While copious amounts of Liquid Plumr opened the drain enough to allow for a little water use, we were not able to do laundry in the modern fashion or take a shower lasting more than 10 seconds. Therefore, after washing our hair in the kitchen sink, we decided to try the baking soda and vinegar remedy.

The Solution

On the internet, we found many versions of this plumbing fix. Everyone had a different prescription for baking soda-to-vinegar ratio or how long to wait before pouring in the boiling water. After considering our situation, we came up with our own procedure for clearing a clog with this wholesome home remedy. Continue reading

Just when you think health insurance can’t possibly get any worse …

. . . we receive this lovely notice from our health insurance company:

  1. We’re discontinuing your automatic credit card payments so you can’t get any cash back or reward points to make up for our continually increasing premiums.
  2. We’re going to start sending you monthly bills in July because everyone can use more clutter and who cares about trees anyway?
  3. Use the enclosed form to enroll for automatic check withdrawal … (Oops, wait, we forgot to enclose it.)
  4. Sure, you can by phone … we’ll just charge you $15 to do it.

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I don’t often post deals on this blog, but thought I’d share this one today as this promotion led to my first purchase of MP3’s on Amazon and there are some pretty good deals to be had.

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