Carnival of Debt Reduction No. 185: The Charles Dickens Debtor’s Prison Edition

Welcome to Carnival of Debt Reduction No. 185, The Charles Dickens Debtor’s Prison Edition. While the main purpose of this carnival is to share articles on getting out of debt, you will also find items on money management in general – budgeting, saving, investing and the economy.

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About Debtor’s Prisons

In the time of Charles Dickens, men were arrested for debt and imprisoned until they could repay what they owed. This was sometimes achieved by the help of family members, but as not everyone had that advantage, the system was somewhat nonsensical especially because living within the prisons required the spending of money with virtually no opportunity to earn it.

"Pray remember ye poor debtors"
“Pray remember ye poor debtors.”

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The poor side of a debtor’s prison is, as its name imports, that in which the most miserable and abject class of debtors are confined. A prisoner having declared upon the poor side, pays neither rent nor chummage. His fees, upon entering and leaving the jail, are reduced in amount, and he becomes entitled to a share of some small quantities of food: to provide which, a few charitable persons have, from time to time, left trifling legacies in their wills.

Most of our readers will remember, that, until within a very few years past, there was a kind of iron cage in the wall of the Fleet Prison, within which was posted some man of hungry looks, who, from time to time, rattled a money-box, and exclaimed in a mournful voice, ‘Pray, remember the poor debtors; pray remember the poor debtors.’ The receipts of this box, when there were any, were divided among the poor prisoners; and the men on the poor side relieved each other in this degrading office.

The Pickwick Papers

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As we got more and more into debt, breakfast became a hollower and hollower form.
Great Expectations

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Mr. Micawber, about this time, composed a petition to
the House of Commons, praying for an alteration in the law of imprisonment for debt.
David Copperfield

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“Miss Summerson,” said Richard hurriedly, “I am glad you are come. You will be able to advise us. Our friend Mr. Skimpole—don’t be alarmed!—is arrested for debt.”
Bleak House


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“I have nothing to say to you,” rejoins Mr. Tulkinghorn. “If you get into debt, you must pay your debts or take the consequences.”
Bleak House

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“What is a fellow to do for money, and where am I to look for it, if not to my sister?”
Hard Times

Making Money

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“Pray, sir,” said Arthur, repeating his question, “what is this place?”

“Ay! This place?” returned the old man, staying his pinch of snuff on its road, and pointing at the place without looking at it. “This is the Marshalsea, sir.”

“The debtors’ prison?”

“Sir,” said the old man, with the air of deeming it not quite necessary to insist upon that designation, “the debtors’ prison.”

He turned himself about, and went on.

“I beg your pardon,” said Arthur, stopping him once more, “but will you allow me to ask you another question? Can any one go in here?”

“Any one can go IN,” replied the old man; plainly adding by the significance of his emphasis, ‘but it is not every one who can go out.”

Little Dorrit


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  1. I wonder how big a prison we’d need if debtor’s prison was still around today? The hassle of dealing with lenders is punishment enough for me. I want freedom from debt asap. Thanks for including me. Great work on the carnival.

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