Covering Cardboard Cartons: The Simple Suitcase (Storage Box)

Pictured here is a plaid suitcase made by covering a family size Bisquick carton, complete with Velcro closure and faux leather handle. This is another frugal but effective storage solution.

Covered Bisquick Box Suitcase

The directions for making this suitcase are thus:

  1. Start with a cardboard food carton with one end shut and one end open.
  2. Cut a piece of paper or fabric to the dimensions you would use to gift wrap this box.
  3. Cover the box using either white glue, wallpaper paste, or decoupage medium. Cover each flap of the open end.
  4. When glue is dried, use either Velcro, a button, string or ribbon to keep the open end closed.
  5. Attach a handle of your choice with hot glue. Some possible handles are folded paper or fabric, pieces from old purses and backpacks, sections of dog collars and leashes, old jewelry.

My suitcase has bronze studs on the handle and a decorative luggage tag. It holds four pairs of shoes belonging to our two dogs.

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  1. Lorri,

    Check out this really inexpensive way to turn an ordinary box into a suitcase! You could use any kind of paper and decorate accordingly.

    😉 Kari

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