Prune Your Spending and Watch the Savings Grow

Strawberry Photo by Petr KratochvilDo you have a daily indulgence that seems so trivial in cost that you see no harm in continuing to … well, indulge in it? Perhaps a Starbucks habit, eating lunch out, a pack of cigarettes, a candy bar, buying a daily newspaper from a newstand, etc.? Or not even a daily habit but a frequent one?

Consider this. Say you have a latte from Starbucks everyday, which only costs $3.00. But think about that $3.00 a day put into a savings account for x number of years, say until retirement. Ever wonder how much that $3.00 a day can be worth?

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Motivating Children to Practice Music (Part 4)

Divide and Conquer

Young Mozart at the Piano by E.S.M ( is a skill called sight-reading. Sight-reading is the act of playing a piece of music through without having practiced it beforehand. We usually sight-read a piece when considering whether to learn it or when it is first assigned to us by an instructor. Some people continue to sight-read a piece indefinitely without ever resorting to the other skill: practicing. Practicing is to study a piece of music and usually by dividing it into sections to be repeated as many times as necessary until mastery of the whole is achieved by mastery of the parts. Sometimes these small sections are divided and studied in even smaller sections.

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