March 2008 Finance and Frugality Blog Carnivals

We would like to thank the following blog carnivals for including our posts in the following blog carnivals for the moth of March 2008.

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Announcement: Our Fourpence Worth Store

We would like to announce the opening of Our Fourpence Worth Store, a subsection of our CafePress store Mozartini, which features original artwork by our in-house artist Madoline Hatter on all of our merchandise. Readers who enjoy or feel they have benefited from our articles can help support the continued running of this blog by purchasing merchandise for themselves or as gifts for friends and family.

All the artwork is 100% original and features finance- and frugality-related images and captions that tie in with the theme of our site. These products make good gifts for people working in financial professions – accountants, bankers, teachers, etc. – as well as for individuals who take an interest, or should take an interest, in their personal finances.

The commissions we earn on the merchandise ranges from $1.00 – $5.00 per item depending on the size of the merchandise and image (less for small items such as magnets and stickers, and more for apparel and large posters).

As we continue to develop new content for our blog, we will also develop new artwork for our store. Here are a few examples of the current items in our store. Almost all of our artwork is available on posters and framed panel prints; greeting, note and post cards; mugs and steins; magnets, stickers and buttons; t-shirts, tank tops, caps and sweatshirts; clocks, throw pillows, coasters and framed tiles; journals, mousepads, tote bags and more.

Our Fourpence Worth Store Merchandise

Visit Our Fourpence Worth Store to see more.

Honestly Frugal: the Ethics of Saving Money

Frugal Ball and Chain Image by Madoline Hatter

A few days ago, I came across a thread on a forum where a member wrote about something dishonest she had done in order to save money. This individual was cleaning out her kitchen pantry and came across some jars of pasta sauce that she had gotten in a Buy One Get One Free sale some time ago and forgotten to use. She had exactly ½ the number of jars left as she originally came home with, so technically these could be regarded as the free jars she had gotten in the BOGO sale.

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