Short Term vs. Long Term Savings with Bulk Buying

Strawberries Photo by Petr Kratochvil It is generally accepted that buying in bulk is the best way to save money and the backbone of a frugal lifestyle. I do agree with this, but not for all things. With products and foods we regularly or quickly use and consume, I almost always buy in bulk without question. But there are cases where I find that buying in bulk is not always the right solution.

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Our Favorite Sources for Affordable Fabrics

One of our readers, Anne, asked us where we find affordable fabrics for our sewing projects described in Madoline’s post Save Money by Sewing Your Own Clothes, so here we will share our favorite sources. Our information on physical fabric stores dates back 1-2 years, as we have moved to a remote area and no longer shop for fabrics in physical stores. However, online fabric prices mentioned here were current at the time the post was written (March 7, 2008). Continue reading

April 2008 Finance and Frugality Blog Carnivals

We would like to thank the following Blog Carnivals for featuring our posts.

(This list will be updated to include future inclusions for the month of April 2008.)

Descending chronologically by inclusion date

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