Two Natural and Economical Ways to Shed Dry Winter Skin


My kitchen provides two solutions for the dry flaky skin caused by cold windy days and indoor heating. One is convenient and the other smells nice.

If you want to have smooth skin and smell nice . . .

Add a squeeze of lemon to your lotion. Lemon removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and even colored, and helps scars from minor cuts and blemishes to fade faster. I also believe that the acidity protects from microbial and parasitic infections because I was the only one who escaped a ringworm/scabies incident that affected the whole family once.

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Tips to Avoid Overeating at Thanksgiving Dinner

The Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are no doubt the 2 of the most looked forward to occasions in America. I know they’re my favorites. But over the years, I have to come find that while I very much enjoy the dinners, they are not without consequences – mainly the side effects of overindulgence: an “enhanced” figure and sometimes acid indigestion.

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Festival of Frugality #152: Affected by Recession Edition

We participated in one blog carnival last week (I keep forgetting to submit until the deadlines are past!) last week, Festival of Frugality #152: Affected by Recession Edition, which was hosted at Financial Wellness Project. My post Save on Groceries and Household Supplies with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program was included in the Specific Products/Services, Reviews, Deals category. Be sure to check out this edition for other tips on how to save money.