March 1st-7th is National Consumer Protection Week!

National Consumer Protection Week

As coincidence, or fate, or luck—depending on which one you believe in—would have it, I had decided to designate this week as Identity Protection and Fraud Prevention Week here at Pecuniarities when I thought to publish my 2 previous posts on IRS Phishing E-mail Scams and How to Protect Your Identity If You Lose Your Wallet.

For the past week, I have been compiling a collection of links to government provided resources on consumer safety and fraud prevention, which I have planning to publish on the 28th. Then just a few minutes ago, I happened a site announcing the week of March 1-7 as National Consumer Protection Week 2009, which is just perfect timing!

What is National Consumer Protection Week?

Whether consumers are trying to stretch their paychecks, improve their credit history, or tell the difference between a real deal and a potentially fraudulent product or service, information is one tool that can always help them get the most for their money.

The NCPW website has the nuts and bolts consumers need to make informed decisions in today’s marketplace. Partner organizations have tips on a wide range of topics, from getting a free credit report to spotting a telemarketing scam, from dealing with debt to deterring and detecting identity theft, from avoiding home and auto repair scams to reporting credit repair scams.

Visit the National Consumer Protection Week website for more information and to order your free copy of the Consumer Action Handbook a government resource provided free of charge to individuals.

As for my own Pecuniarities Identity Protection and Fraud Prevention Week, check back soon for my compilation of government resources on fighting fraud.

“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.” – Albert Einstein

P.S. NCPW web buttons and banners you can put on your own blog/website or in your email signatures

A Few Tips for Protecting Your Identity Should You Lose Your Wallet

Information ButtonI received an informative email forward the other day from my college Spanish professor (the same one who sent me the Calvin & Hobbes Lemonade Stand comic which has been a bit of a hit) and thought it could be useful to our readers.

I know there are a lot of good ID theft prevention tips out there, but these are a good supplement for what information is out there and give good advice on what to do should you find your wallet missing or stolen.

#1 Identity Theft Protection

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Pecuniarities (Our Fourpence Worth) 1 Year Anniversary

Pecuniarities: Creative frugal living and personal finance
Pecuniarities is 1 year old this month! The actual date of the anniversary is a little ambiguous, as this was my first blog ever and it took me a little time to get it up and running. After writing several posts, I dated the first post February 13, 2008, but it wasn’t till after the 20th before I had the courage to start publicizing it by adding the link in my Wisebread forum signature and telling people about it.

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