Slowing Down Makes Sense: Drive Safely, Save More Than Money

Traffic Sign photo by Vera Volsanska

Whenever I make my 15-mile drive to the grocery store, even traveling at the posted speed limit of 55 mph, I am constantly being passed (via the oncoming lane), or tailgated until the highway splits to 2 lanes after 10 miles. While I understand the concept that “time is money,” this behavior just doesn’t make sense to me.

I admit to a somewhat wreckless time in my youth when the speed limit seemed like a nuisance that kept me from getting where I wanted to go as quickly as I wanted to go. But some time in my mid-twenties, I began to see how stupid I used to be and shudder at the chances I used to take.

Financial Reasons to Slow Down

  • Save Gas
    According to the California Energy Commission, “Vehicles lose roughly one percent in fuel economy for every mile per hour driven above 55 mph.”
  • Speeding Tickets
    In my aforementioned wreckless youth, I have been the recipient of 2 speeding tickets. My first (1999), for going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone, cost me $67. My second (2002), for going 30 in a 25 zone, was around $70. I don’t know how much speeding fines are these days, but I know they cost a lot more.
  • Auto Insurance Rates
    Traffic violations and accidents, even if you’re not at fault, will raise your auto insurance premiums.
  • Risk of Accidents
    Even if you’re insured, an accident will most likely cost you money in the form of repairs and deductibles. If you injure someone or damage someone’s property, it could potentially cost you a fortune in legal and liability costs.
  • Auto Maintenance
    The less wear-and-tear you put on your car, the longer it’ll last and the fewer repairs it’ll need.

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Health Reasons to Slow Down

  • Reduce Chances of Serious and Permanent Injury
    Is the risk of an injury that will impact many years – if not the rest – of your life worth getting wherever you’re going 5 minutes faster?
  • Reduce Stress
    Driving at high speeds is stressful. Whenever I drive at speeds over 55 or 60 mph – even when within the speed limit – I find my body tension level significantly increased. My back and legs are often sore when I arrive at my destination. We already have enough stress in our daily lives, why add more?

Moral Reasons to Slow Down

  • Injury to Others
    This includes other motorists, pedestrians, children and pets. Injuring, or worse, accidentally killing, someone or someone’s pet would affect more than your own life.
  • Your Loved Ones
    What would happen to your loved ones – children, spouse, parents and others who care about and depend on you – if you were seriously injured or killed in an accident?

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Carnival of Debt Reduction No. 185: The Charles Dickens Debtor’s Prison Edition

Welcome to Carnival of Debt Reduction No. 185, The Charles Dickens Debtor’s Prison Edition. While the main purpose of this carnival is to share articles on getting out of debt, you will also find items on money management in general – budgeting, saving, investing and the economy.

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About Debtor’s Prisons

In the time of Charles Dickens, men were arrested for debt and imprisoned until they could repay what they owed. This was sometimes achieved by the help of family members, but as not everyone had that advantage, the system was somewhat nonsensical especially because living within the prisons required the spending of money with virtually no opportunity to earn it.

"Pray remember ye poor debtors"
“Pray remember ye poor debtors.”

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