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OK, this will be a quick one as I am so hot right now — 100 degrees at 9PM! — that I’m surprised I’m even managing to do this roundup. But being the leader of Pecuniary Associates, I must set an example and do my roundups on time. 🙂

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Watch “Sandra’s Money Saving Meals” and “The Dave Ramsey Show” Videos Free on Hulu

I love Hulu, and while I rarely watch “non-fiction” videos (I’m more of a drama watcher), this new show they recently added has caught my eye.

It’s Sandra’s Money Saving Meals from the Food Network. They haven’t been able to acquire full episodes yet (which they’re working on), so there are just 1-2 minute clips which are great because they don’t take much time to watch but teach you something in each one.

Here is one I really liked – the spaghetti calzone made from leftover spaghetti:

They also have full 50-minute episodes of The Dave Ramsey Show, which I haven’t yet watched because, to tell the truth, I’d rather watch Burn Notice and The Philanthropist (cool new show starring James Purefoy if you haven’t seen it yet). 🙂