Pecuniary Links ~ August 2009 #1

Roundup Graphic by Pecuniarities
Hey everyone, hope this day finds you well and happy. I apologize for the scarce posting between roundups. Madoline and I are still working on re-vamping our business and also starting another. This doesn’t mean we’re going to stop blogging; it’s way too much fun and I have so many drafts and ideas still to be drafted waiting to be polished up and posted.

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No-Air Conditioning Summer Part 2 – How We Stayed Cool Without A/C

As of this writing, “No-Air Conditioning Summer” is over for us (thank goodness!), but before I talk about how and why it ended, I thought I’d offer some tips on staying cool for those who either choose to or have to live without A/C for frugality’s sake or due to power outages, etc.

Before we begin, I want to make it clear that I am not advocating for you to live without A/C.  It can be very dangerous, not to mention extremely unpleasant.

Here are our personal circumstances and living conditions because some of these tips won’t work for everyone depending on where you live or what sort of constitution you have.

Our Environment

  • Geography: Desert
  • Temperature: as high as 112º F, lows usually 60’s-70’s, mid 80’s during heat wave
  • Humidity: low for the most part except for extreme heat waves
  • House: 1-story, 3-bedroom single family home

Us (Madoline and Penelope)

  • Ages: 29 and 30
  • Health: strong immune systems (haven’t had colds since Jan. 2006)

Water is Your Friend for Staying Cool

Smiley H2O Molecule by Penelope Pince
Almost all our tactics for staying cool this summer involved water. We won’t deny that water usage costs money, but it is a lot less than electricity usage. Our city bills us twice a month for water at a flat rate for up to 2,000 cc’s which we rarely exceed so we’re paying for it anyway.
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