Financial Lent: A Frugal Fast to See What You Can Live Without

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A few days ago, I happened on a post at How I Save Money where Lulugal tells how Lent has affected her budget. This got me thinking about how we could all hold a “financial fast” at some time as a test to find out what luxuries we can do without and how much money we can save by doing it. Continue reading Financial Lent: A Frugal Fast to See What You Can Live Without

How to De-worm a Difficult Horse

This is a method I have successfully used year after year on a very clever horse. If you follow my example, do so at your own risk and not on a horse that is extremely prone to panic. Do not do this when the horse is tied. Also remember first to take the little cap off your worming syringe or you might be the one who is surprised.

  1. To begin, approach the horse’s near (left) side with the syringe (already set at proper dosage) in your left hand concealed behind your back. In the same hand have several cut pieces of carrot.
  2. Then, with your right hand begin petting the horse’s face and eyes and casually covering his left eye with your right hand.
  3. Keeping the left eye covered, press a carrot to the horses lips which he will take after a moment of happy surprise. Repeat this step until the horse is eagerly and thoughtlessly taking carrots from your left hand.
  4. And then, without breaking the rhythm of execution offer the de-wormer to the horse who will have opened his mouth to receive the next carrot. Be very quick, push it in (being careful of your fingers in case he shuts his mouth suddenly) and squeeze without delay. Beware the horse might throw his head at this moment so stand to the side, not over his neck or head.

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Consumer Safety Resources from the Government on SPAM, Scams, Fraud, Phishing and Identity Theft

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In the last 2 days, I have received at least 3 fraudulent solicitations via U.S. mail and who knows how many via e-mail. While I’ve gotten pretty good at detecting spam scams, it can be harder with physical mail solicitations.

The origin of the fraudulent solicitations I received were very different in nature — a crafts product testing club, an automobile warranty service and a “Title Compliance Board” — but they all had two things in common: they wanted me to pay hundreds of dollars for things they will never deliver or for something I could get myself for about $5 (my property deed), and they came in very convincing looking packages.

So I thought I’d christen this Identity Protection and Fraud Prevention Week here at Pecuniarities and follow-up my last 2 posts:

with a compilation of links information on fraud prevention.

I’ve spent the majority of this week working on this list where you will find almost 100 links to online resources provided and recommended by the government to teach you how to protect yourself from the rampant greed of the physical- and cyber-world. Topics covered include how to recognize, avoid, report and recover from scams and frauds of all sorts.

Click on the Table of Contents link below for a preview of the topics covered in this list.

If you don’t have the time to go through all this information right now, be sure and bookmark this page so you can refer to it should the need arise. And please share this page with your friends and family!

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