Fast & Frugal Recipe: Spaghetti with Hot Dogs

This is a really yummy, inexpensive recipe, easy and quick to prepare requiring only one pot. It’s great for kids, but I eat it all the time.


  • Uncooked spaghetti (or other preferred pasta such as macaroni)
  • Condensed tomato soup (Campbell’s or similar store brand
  • 1 hot dog
  • About 1 teaspoon sugar
  • Optional: chopped onion (very yummy)

Preparation Directions

  1. Slice hot dog into about 15 pieces
  2. Cook spaghetti noodles until almost done
  3. Pour out the water
  4. Add tomato soup (or pasta sauce) into the pot with the noodles
  5. (Add a little water to dilute the condensed tomato soup)
  6. Stir in sugar
  7. Toss hot dogs into the soup/sauce
  8. Simmer until noodles are done and sauce is thickened.
  9. When preparing for children, be sure to let cool sufficiently beforehand. Pasta is extremely hot right after cooking.

Pasta sauce can also be used in place of tomato soup.

Eat up!


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