Fast & Frugal Recipe: Super Easy Taco Salad

This is one of my favorite and easiest recipes for taco salad. It may not exactly be authentic Mexican cuisine, but it is fast at less than 3 minutes to prepare, inexpensive at $1.00 – $1.25 per serving, and in my opinion, very yummy.

The ingredients are as follows:

  • Tortilla chips
  • Chili
  • Salad*
  • Salsa
  • Ranch Dressing

* I like to use the prepped salad mixes to save time as it doesn’t cost much more than buying fresh produce and saves preparation time.

Additional optional ingredients for a fancier (but less fast and frugal) version:

  • Taco meat instead of chili (made with taco spice – i.e. McCormick’s)
  • Sour Cream
  • Guacamole
  • Olives
  • Jalapeños
  • Shredded Cheese


  1. Put a layer of Tortilla Chips on the bottom of the plate
  2. Add Chili on top of the Chips
  3. Microwave for 1 minute to heat up Chili (You can also heat the chili on the stove but it would create another dish to wash.)
  4. Add Salad on top of Chili
  5. Drizzle Salsa and Ranch Dressing on top
  6. Any additional toppings as desired. I don’t like cheese and sour cream so I use Ranch Dressing, but you can use whatever you like.


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