Festival of Frugality #140: The Frugal Quotes Edition

Our Fourpence Worth participated in the Festival of Frugality #140: The Frugal Quotes Edition hosted at the beautifully designed FIRE Finance with our post Save by Not Saving on These Things by Madoline Hatter.

My favorite frugal quote from this edition was:
“The best way to save money is not to lose it.” – Les Williams

One of the posts I found useful was How To Change Your Car’s Engine Oil by Clever Dude. This was something I had briefly contemplated doing ourselves in the past, but after reading this article, I am thinking twice about it. But it gives good step by step instructions as well as tells you what equipment you need in order to change your own oil. Note that you need to change your own oil about 12-15 times before the oil and equipment purchases start paying you back, so if this is something you don’t think you can stick with long term, save by not saving on your own oil changes!

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