Finance and Frugality Blog Carnivals: Week of Unexpected Delays

Blame it on the stars or mere coincidence, but interestingly, both of the blog carnivals I participated in this past week met with delays and issues. The resulting time constraints left the hosts no time to come up special themes, layouts or editor’s picks. And because, as always, I just managed to get my submissions in at the last minute, my entries can be found at the very bottom of each carnival. I like to think of it as saving the best for last. 🙂

Festival Of Frugality #144 – The Host Bailed Out Edition

As the name of the edition suggests, the original host bailed out at the last minute and David at My Two Dollars stepped in and got the carnival up and running only a few hours after the scheduled time. Madoline’s article on How to save on paint for home and craft projects can be found at the 2nd to last position.

A post from this carnival that I found helpful is the reminder that Now is the Time to Winterize Your Home by the Happy Rock, because our heater decided to go on vacation last winter and we are now trying to decide whether or not to have it revived for the coming winter. We did survive last winter without it, but it wasn’t much fun. In any case, winterizing the house would save us money if we do fix the heater and save our skins if we don’t.

Finance Fiesta #17 – Buzzer-Beater Edition

Due to communication issues, the host of this edition, Mighty Bargain Hunter, wasn’t able to access the submissions until the late in the evening of the scheduled publication date. Impressively, he still managed to come up with a theme of sorts, a countdown toward the deadline with a personal comment for every entry, and the carnival was up 9 minutes before the end of the day EST.

My entry, Monopoly Game Expansion #5: Income Tax Edition, can be found at the very bottom. But I have to disagree with mbhunter on his comment here – I like the Free-Parking bonanza. It’s my favorite part of the whole game! :p

One post of note from this carnival was Six Money Lessons from Entourage by Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. I don’t have cable so I’ve never seen this show, but hopefully Hulu will have the full episodes someday soon so I can see for myself.


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