Free Printable Templates: Gingham Mini Carrier Bags

These small bags with pretty gingham pattern are ideal for small gifts or visible storage. Simply click on the template images below and print with printer setting on “Scale to fit page”. Choose landscape paper orientation for larger items. Assembly may take a few tries if you have never done this sort of project, but be patient and you will find it well worth your efforts.

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Gingham Carrier Bags

For carrier bags, regular printer paper is recommended. Directions are provided on image:

  1. Fold down top of bag.
  2. Crease on lines to make rectangular shape and glue into a tube.
  3. Fold bottom of bag end as if gift wrapping a box.
  4. Use yarn, ribbon or string for handles and make a crease down each side as you have seen on paper bags.

Click on the small images to enlarge and print.

Yellow Gingham Bag

Yellow Gingham Bag

Violet Gingham Carrier Bag

Violet Gingham Bag

Spring Green Gingham Carrier Bag

Spring Green Gingham Bag

Red Gingham Carrier Bag

Red Gingham Bag

Blue Gingham Carrier Bag

Blue Gingham Bag

Pink Gingham Carrier Bag

Pink Gingham Bag

Orange Gingham Carrier Bag

Orange Gingham Bag

Green Gingham Carrier Bag

Green Gingham Bag

Brown Gingham Carrier Bag

Brown Gingham Bag

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