Free Printable Templates: Hawaiian/Aloha Floral Print Treat Bags & Greeting Cards

Our freebie for this week is a Hawaiian or Aloha floral print treat bag and greeting card template. It is simple to assemble and can be used to hold treats or small gifts.

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Hawaiian/Aloha Floral Print Treat Bag/Greeting Card Templates

Click on the thumbnail images to view full size and print. Instructions are printed on the templates.

To assemble treat bags: Cut along outside line and follow gluing instructions.

To make greeting cards: Print on card stock or heavy paper and cut off glue flaps.

Pink Treat Bag

Dusty Blue Treat Bag

Plum Treat Bag

Yellow Treat Bag

Oragne Cream Treat Bag

Apple Green Treat Bag

Red Treat Bag

Pea Green Treat Bag

Rosy Treat Bag

Purple Blue Treat Bag

Mocha Treat Bag

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