Interesting Reads from Fellow Personal Finance Bloggers #4

Hey everyone, sorry for the recent inconsistent posting. The past month as been really busy for me what with having a house guest (a cousin visiting us from Taiwan for 3 months), a trip to Disneyland (with 2 feisty dogs) the week before last and a trip to Las Vegas last week (with one feisty dog), but I am back and ready to get back to some serious blogging and carnival submissions.

Anyways, here are some great posts by fellow financial bloggers from recent weeks:

PF Bloggers

Elesewhere in the Financial Blogosphere

New Carnival in Town

Oh, and one last bit of news. Jonathan from Master Your Card has started a new blog carnival called the Finance Fiesta which runs weekly on Thursday starting June 5, 2008. If you have a personal finance related blog, be sure to submit your best article!

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2 thoughts on “Interesting Reads from Fellow Personal Finance Bloggers #4”

  1. Great list of articles – and thanks for including me! May was super busy for me as well, and I’m hoping to settle into more of a routine with writing, following up on my feed reader, etc. I’m so behind!

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