Interesting Reads from Fellow Personal Finance Bloggers #10

I know we have been terribly remiss in posting lately; again, apologies. The Halloween rush is over and we can breathe again (until the Christmas rush starts). To be honest, we were more than a little surprised at the amount of business we received for Halloween considering the current state of the economy. Our sales are nothing compared to other bigger businesses, but still enough to keep the two of us jumping for a few weeks. So, we found it very interesting that there are still people out there who could afford to spend a bit on costumes for their dogs and horses. We’re certainily not complaining, though, and happy for the business.

Recommended Reading

Blog Carnivals

We participated in 2 carnivals within the past week, or would it be more accurate to say we participated in the same carnival two weeks in a row? Either way, we’d like to thank the hosts for including our posts.

That wraps up today’s roundup. Happy reading!

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