Interesting Reads From Fellow Personal Finance Bloggers #11

It feels good to get back in the groove of posting regularly again. My cousin lent me an older laptop of his last week so that I can work (on the blog and our other business sites) while Madoline works on her paintings on our PC, and it has made all the difference.

As for life in general, things have quieted down since Halloween. Madoline had a birthday last week, and we celebrated by watching a couple of new movies – Cranford (starring Judi Dench) and Wives and Daughters, both wonderfully filmed and which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys classic British literature and period films.

OK, on to our roundup for today.

From the PF Bloggers Network

Elsewhere in the Frugal and Finance Blogosphere

  • Mrs. Micah at Finance for a Freelance Life warns how minimum payments slow down debt repayment. I fully agree; when I got my first credit card, I was surprised at how low the minimum payment was and realized just how tricky these banks and credit card companies can be.
  • Almost Frugal presents How to Look Fabulous, Frugally. This is the first of a 3-part series, all of which have been published on her beautiful blog.
  • The Taxguy informs us of our rights as taxpayers which include challenging penalties, saying “no” to auditors, the right to a correspondence audit and more.
  • Living Well on Less asks “Would you buy it if it wasn’t on sale?” Note and beware the difference between shopping for a bargain and shopping for something you need!
  • Frugal Dad asks “Is Frugal Movement Just a Fad?” I think it’s a temporary fad borne out of fear and necessity. Some may learn from this current economic situation and permanently alter their spending habits, but I think many will return to their usual spending as soon as the coast is clear.
  • Moolanomy offers a Frugalist Expense Reduction Guide, which is very worth the read. He makes a good point that our ultimate goal should be to build financial health by developing extra income rather than deprivation.

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Well, this wraps up our roundup for today. I hope you enjoy my recommendations.

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