Interesting Reads From Fellow Personal Finance Bloggers #12

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Mine was so nice that I’m not ready for it to end – and in fact it hasn’t really because I’m still eating turkey twice a day – a 22 lb. turkey between 2 people and 2 medium sized dogs means we will probably all be eating turkey till almost Christmas at which time we’ll probably get another. 😀 But I blame the turkey for the laziness I’ve been feeling since Thankdsgiving day and as the reason my roundup is 2 days late and shorter than usual.

  • Master Your Card reports that UK Credit Card Owners are to get an Extra 60 Days to Pay. The banks’ intent may be dubious, but I sure wouldn’t mind having an extra 30 days to earn some interest in my savings account.
  • Wide Open Wallet offers an interesting Holiday gift suggestion: Put stocks in their stocking. While not as fun, this might prove a more useful gift in the long run than a Nintendo Wii.
  • Living Well on Less reminds us: Christmas presents, not status symbols. Your friends and family wouldn’t want you to go into debt buying them big, expensive gifts. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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