Interesting Reads From Fellow Personal Finance Bloggers #16

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I don’t know what is up with the weather gods, but it has been so cold this past week! It’s been so cold that my dog has been hiding under his bed unless I turn my little heater on in my room. But anyways, it has been a busy week here at Pecuniarities. I’ll have some exciting news soon on a couple of new projects I’ve started working on over the weekend. More on that soon.

Posts That Caught My Eye This Week

Star From Get Rich Slowly25 Useful Financial Rules of Thumb
Lots of goodies here for all aspects of personal finance

Star From Mrs. MicahHow Has the Recession Changed Your Saving Habits
A Twitter poll with answers from 12 different people in 140 characters or fewer. It includes one from yours truly! There are lots of comments from readers, too (most over 140 characters.)

Star From My Money BlogSummary of California’s Upcoming New Tax Hikes
Increasing sales tax by a whole percent, income tax, vehicle licensing fees, and decreasing dependent credit. Needless to say, being a California resident, this makes me very, very unhappy. So much for economic stimulus blah blah blah.

Star From The Passive DadMoney Saving Tip: Have Kids Help With Grocery Coupons
Even though I don’t have kids with opposable thumbs with which to clip coupons, I really like the idea of “no coupon, no purchase,” which can apply to everyone.

Recent Blog Carnivals

Star Broke Grad Student hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #193: YouTube Edition
Included my post: Free e-Book, Audiobook, Video & Music Download and Online Resources From Your Local Library

Star Free Money Finance hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance #194
Included my post: Consumer Safety Resources from the Government on SPAM, Scams, Fraud, Phishing and Identity Theft

Star Green Panda Treehouse hosted Festival of Frugality #167: Dr. House Edition
Included my post: Beware of Fake IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Phishing Email Scams

Have a nice week!

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