Interesting Reads From Fellow Personal Finance Bloggers #18

Roundup Graphic by PecuniaritiesIt has been a very eventful week here at Pecuniarities, having hosted the Carnival of Debt Reduction and the first ever Carnival of Pecuniary Delights (which was a great success, if I do say so myself) from both of which I’m still recovering. If you haven’t yet checked them out, please do so! My favorite part of hosting a carnival is coming up with and working on the theme, and these 2 carnivals were no exception.

Now, onto my roundup for today.

From Pecuniary Associates

Elsewhere in the Personal Finance Blog Community

  • At The Simple Dollar, Trent gives some great advice How You Can Become a Jack of All Trades and why this can be valuable. Being a mini Jacqueline of many trades, though not as advanced as Trent’s friend Darwin, I have to concur that having a wide range of skills, even if limited, can be very convenient in your daily life as well as making you a valuable asset to your employers.
  • At Bargaineering, Jim reminds us about the point of it all in The Secret About Money… (A must see)
  • At My Money Blog, Jonathan discusses changing your consumption habits in Internal vs. External Frugality: Different Ways of Saving.

Pecuniarities in the Personal Finance Blog Community

I am excited to announce that Pecuniarities has been included in FIRE Finance’s Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs, ranking at #76. You can expect me to do all I can to make that number smaller! 🙂

We have also had the privilege of being included in the Personal Finance Category of a new site called Greatnexus, a  site not unlike Alltop, of which we are also a member.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Greatnexus with your readers. I am not sure how long ago you started Pecuniary Associates, but congratulation and best wishes.

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