Interesting Reads from Fellow Personal Finance Bloggers

Every now and then, I will be doing a little round-up of articles by fellow personal finance bloggers at that may be of interest to our readers here.

  • If you are thinking of buying a house now or in the near future, I would recommend reading up on Lies Your Realtor Tells You by Seb at Pinching Copper.
  • Living Almost Large warns readers about choosing mechanics wisely in Not Trusting Mechanics.
  • Mom at Wide Open Wallet tells us how a WaMu credit card offers cardholders the great benefit of checking credit scores for free.
  • Jonathan from Master Your Card gives a nice, concise overview of the credit score system in Everything you wanted to know about Fico Scores.
  • Cinder at The Social Marginal gives some good advice about Lending Money to Friends and Family.

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