Introducing Frugaltroph

"Sie essen, sie trinken und bezahlen nicht gern." They like to eat, drink and don't like to pay. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Image by Madoline Hatter

"Sie essen, sie trinken und bezahlen nicht gern." They like to eat, drink and don't like to pay. -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Image by Madoline Hatter

We are happy to announce the start of Frugaltroph, a frugal cooking column which we have been planning for some time. From high school through college and beyond, the two of us have been cooking for ourselves and our pets. Our diet has been healthy, frugal, convenient, and–most importantly–full of little luxuries. We have invented not a few recipes, made easy adaptions of traditional and ethnic dishes, and would like to begin sharing our experience with our readers  on a weekly basis.

One of the areas Frugaltroph will focus upon is school lunches for for kids. While growing up, the lunches our mother packed for us were the envy of our friends. Now that we are adults, we are aware that most people have very little time to prepare sack lunches five days a week and make each one seem like a treat or special affair. We have some good ideas to make pampering your kids (or yourself) easier.

We will also post recipes for many ethnic (especially Asian) foods, diet foods, easy family meals and snacks, cold summertime meals, ways to make instant or processed foods healthier and much more.

A brief explanation of our project title and motto

In biology, the term “-troph” is combined with another word to describe a way of feeding (e.g. autotroph, heterotroph). Therefore, “frugaltroph” is our way of saying “Frugal Feeding” or the diet of Homo frugalis.

Our motto “Sie essen, sie trinken, und bezahlen nicht gern” is a line from Epiphanias, a humorous poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe which is one of our favorite songs (music by  Hugo Wolf). In English, it says “They eat, they drink, and do not like to pay.” Our three pigs, represent the three kings of the poem.

We currently plan to do one cooking project a week: to make and photograph the process and results, and write up a post with ingredients and instructions which will be posted here and also at the Frugaltroph site, which is there for readers who are only interested in food. Check back soon for our first Frugaltroph column, and visit to see the new site.

Frugaltroph Logo and Motto by Madoline Hatter

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Frugaltroph”

  1. I am amused, intimidated, and looking forward to it.

    1) Amused because you two would fit in perfectly with my family. Micah was saying that he was probably a nootrophe. And my mother said “from the Greek nous, meaning mind?” And that was, indeed, what he meant. Apparently philosophers live on a diet of brains–who knew?

    2) Intimidated because I did not know that nous = mind. I’m much more nerdy/bookish than the average population but don’t quite live up to the family standards.

    3) Excited because I like frugal recipes.

    Are you sure we’re not related? I don’t seem to recall two brilliant spinsters living out West as part of the family tree–but I’d be happy to find connections. 🙂

    Mrs. Micah’s last blog post..Why You Could Not Pay Me Enough to Film My Life

  2. lol

    If Micah is a noustrophe, I’ll be sure to steer clear of the DC area if we ever come to food shortages … I’m quite bookish and love etymology myself, but didn’t know “nous” meant “mind” either. I just know it as “we” en français. 🙂

    Last I checked we didn’t have a family tree branch on the East Coast either. But then our family tree stems from the Far East and it’s quite a reach to the East Coast.

    It’d be awesome if we were related, though. When I started twittering I was amused to find that we have a lot of common interests. Madoline says you seem really cool and that you’re “our kind of people.” 😀

  3. I was brought up on a diet of random Greek and Latin, but for some reason that one escaped me too.

    Our family has no one from the East, we’re from all over the British Isles + Sweden/France/Germany. Alas. Still, just because we’re not related doesn’t mean we could hang out sometime. It’s certainly tempting to escape from the craziness that is DC to somewhere else. Or you could come to the craziness. 😉

    Mrs. Micah’s last blog post..Had It Already Roundup

  4. Greek and Latin are on my list of languages to learn. I’m a linguaphile and those two are such influential languages that it would be really useful to know them. Do you speak German? It’s our favorite language.

    It would be cool to hang out; I’ve never been to the East Coast but would love to someday. 😀

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