Introduction to “Our Fourpence Worth” Blog

Each time I have gone to the grocery store (every 2-4 weeks) in the past few months, prices have been higher than my previous visit. For two consecutive months, our propane company has raised the cost of propane – first from $2.58 per gallon, to $3.10 2 months ago, to $3.32 this month. Our cable internet subscription went from $45 a month to $55 this month. Our home insurance policy rate increased by $50 dollars at our last renewal in November 2007.

With the economy in its present state, there is a sudden surge of interest in frugality, the practice of prudent economy and avoidance of waste (of money or resources). Having been practicing the frugal lifestyle for the past 5 years, we thought this a good time to start a compilation of our tips for shaving a little expense here and there and making the most of what you have.

We will also periodically post time and cost efficient recipes, pet care tips, reviews and recommendations on books, music and films that we have found particularly noteworthy. For more information about us and this blog, please visit our About This Blog and Mores About Us pages.

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