Just when you think health insurance can’t possibly get any worse …

. . . we receive this lovely notice from our health insurance company:

  1. We’re discontinuing your automatic credit card payments so you can’t get any cash back or reward points to make up for our continually increasing premiums.
  2. We’re going to start sending you monthly bills in July because everyone can use more clutter and who cares about trees anyway?
  3. Use the enclosed form to enroll for automatic check withdrawal … (Oops, wait, we forgot to enclose it.)
  4. Sure, you can by phone … we’ll just charge you $15 to do it.

If this is this some sort of plan to get insurees to leave because they are losing so much money on their customers, it just might work.

[ . . . If I seem to be overly sarcastic and negative about this, it’s because we’ve been dealing with huge customer disservice issues for months with this company involving a $400 bill that they were supposed to cover (it said so on the statement they sent us), but which we’ve had to pay due to administrative inadequacies on their end. Plus, we just sent in forms less than 3 months ago at their request to update our credit card information for our automatic payments . . . ]

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