Monopoly Game Expansion #5: Income Tax Edition

Monopoly Deluxe Edition at
Expansion difficulty/complexity level: Medium-Easy

This is a fairly easy Monopoly game expansion to teach youngsters the principles of filing and paying income tax. It includes an income tax form on which players keep track of income and deductions, figure and pay their income tax at the end of each circuit of the board. Players may opt to hire themselves out as tax preparers and those who do not wish to file their own returns may hire and pay tax preparers to do so, the cost of which is tax deductible, of course.

Please note that this is not a representation of real-life tax preparation. It is a simplified simulation meant to educate children on the basic principles of income and taxes and should not be taken as a source for tax preparation information.

How to Play the Monopoly Income Tax Expansion

  1. Download and print out a set of Personal Income Tax Form and Instructions (pdf format) for each player.
  2. The game is played as usual, but players record all income, payments of taxes and applicable expenses.
  3. When a player passes “Go,” he pauses to calculate and pay his income tax for the circuit just completed.
  4. The only difference in this game is the Income Tax square. When a player lands on Income Tax, he will receive an Income Tax Refund of $200 instead of paying it.

Paid Tax Preparers

Players may hire themselves out as paid preparers and other players may hire tax preparers to calculate and prepare their tax returns on their behalf.

  • Tax preparers can set their own rates for preparation.
  • Players who hire paid preparers may deduct the preparer costs from their taxable income (on Line 3).

Monopoly Personal Income Tax Form Instructions

Click on the image below to view a sample form

  • Lines 1a and 1b (1-15). Record income and deductible transactions as they occur.
    • Income counts as all money received (rent, bribes, free parking, dividends, investments, etc.) with the exception of income tax refunds.
    • Deductions are other taxes paid, such as Poor Tax, School Tax, Luxury Tax, street and housing repairs, etc.
  • Line 2. Figure your taxable income.
    • 2a. Add up all income.
    • Line 2b. Add up all deductions.
    • Line 2c. Subtract 2b from 2a to figure your taxable income.
  • Line 3. Enter the amount paid to the tax preparer, if any. Pay this amount to your tax preparer, if applicable.
  • Line 4. Subtract the amount of Line 3 from Line 2c.
  • Line 5. Figure the tax, which is 10% of taxable income; multiply .1 by the amount on Line 4.
  • Line 6. Previous unpaid tax. Enter the amount of tax on Line 10 from your previous tax period, if any, that was not paid last period.
  • Line 7. Total tax due. Add the amounts on Line 6 and Line 7. This is the amount you owe.
  • Line 8. Total tax paid. The amount you wish to or can afford to pay at this time. Pay this amount to the bank.
  • Line 9. Remaining unpaid tax. Subtract the amount on Line 8 from Line 7.
  • Line 10. Balance to forward to next tax period. The amount on Line 9 plus 10% penalty (the amount on Line 9 multiplied by .1)

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