On the Naming of Pets and Improvement of Fortune

Money Dog Tag Image by Madoline Hatter

I recently learned an interesting and amusing fact concerning the relationship between psychology and money. While discussing pet names, my cousin—who has the happy name Felicity—mentioned that a favorite dog name among the Taiwanese is “Money”. The reason for this is that they like to call “Money come! Money come!” every day.

I quickly saw the cleverness in this seemingly facetious action and how it can realistically influence the dog owner’s fortunes. Some years ago, I read a book on hypnosis, which is not about levitation and tricks but methods of making suggestions to the subconscious mind for the purpose of influencing the actions of others and self. While there is no magical or spiritual power in chanting regularly for money, the suggestion and affirmation of this statement can be very persuasive to the subconscious mind. The subconscious can then discreetly influence one’s behaviors and decisions to turn this statement into fact. The lucky owner of the dog named Money may find other forms of money responding to his or her call.

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4 thoughts on “On the Naming of Pets and Improvement of Fortune”

  1. Kevin –

    LOL. Does this come from recent experience? Our boys are almost 2 1/2 now and we’re still saying “No! Stop!” on a daily basis. Good thing we didn’t name either of them Money. Yeah, they’re super spoiled but we wouldn’t trade them for the world. 🙂

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