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First of all, we would like to thank you for reading our blog and our feed and email readers for subscribing. We have come a long ways since we started this blog in February, and look forward to bringing you more ideas to help you live frugally, while living healthily and happily too.

A New Name and a New Home

If you have visited our site lately, you may have noticed a re-design and name change. Our Fourpence Worth is now called “Pecuniarities,” a name we had been thinking of changing to for a while. (If you are a blogger and have linked to us from your site (thank you!), we would appreciate it if you would update our name and link when you have a moment.)

Last week, we received a notice from our old hosting company that our blog had been blocked due to server overload (probably thanks to MSN Smart Spending’s blog’s link to our 101 Ways to Save Money in Your Everyday Life, for which we are grateful.) We have now moved and settled nicely into a new server at Media Temple (mt), and hopefully you will see the improved performance as we have.

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We would like to ask our subscribers at this time to please update your feed readers with our new feed address: http://feedproxy.google.com/Pecuniarities. Email subscribers, we need to contact FeedBurner to request that your email subscription be moved to our new feed account. We are not 100% sure if or when they will help us with this, so if you have a moment, we would appreciate it if you would kindly resubscribe using the link or form below.

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October 2008 Posting Status

We know our posting these last few weeks have been very infrequent. We own a small costuming business and have been swamped with orders for Halloween events. The move to our new server has seen many issues, mostly because I am an amateur web designer and make a lot of mistakes and have to find all the answers to my problems by searching and scouring the internet, so what time I have had to work on the blog has mostly been troubleshooting and setting up.

Upcoming Contest

We are planning a contest in the near future with a free 26-week (1/2 year) subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Be sure to check back or subscribe to our feed to receive updates on this upcoming and future contests!

Thank you again for reading our blog and please feel free to contact us at any time with topic requests, suggestions and feedback.

Penelope Pince and Madoline Hatter

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