Introduction to “Our Fourpence Worth” Blog

Each time I have gone to the grocery store (every 2-4 weeks) in the past few months, prices have been higher than my previous visit. For two consecutive months, our propane company has raised the cost of propane – first from $2.58 per gallon, to $3.10 2 months ago, to $3.32 this month. Our cable internet subscription went from $45 a month to $55 this month. Our home insurance policy rate increased by $50 dollars at our last renewal in November 2007.

With the economy in its present state, there is a sudden surge of interest in frugality, the practice of prudent economy and avoidance of waste (of money or resources). Having been practicing the frugal lifestyle for the past 5 years, we thought this a good time to start a compilation of our tips for shaving a little expense here and there and making the most of what you have.

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