Pecuniarities (Our Fourpence Worth) 1 Year Anniversary

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Pecuniarities is 1 year old this month! The actual date of the anniversary is a little ambiguous, as this was my first blog ever and it took me a little time to get it up and running. After writing several posts, I dated the first post February 13, 2008, but it wasn’t till after the 20th before I had the courage to start publicizing it by adding the link in my Wisebread forum signature and telling people about it.

For those of you who were around you might remember our name being Our Fourpence Worth. We have come a long ways in many ways and have had a great time sharing our thoughts and ideas with you. We’d like to thank you, our readers, both old and new, for being with us, especially those who have been with us since the very beginning. We’ve gone through a name change, domain move, hosting move,  site re-designs (2 of them), some of which went smoothly and some not so smoothly as I am still an amateur at web design.

I’ve learned a lot this past year – about blogging and about frugal living. We participated in many blog carnivals and have hosted 5 blog carnivals here.

The Best of Pecuniarities/Our Fourpence Worth

Here are some of our articles that received some good attention (mentioned by MSN Smart Spending, blog carnival Editor’s Pick, lots of link love, StumbleUpon and search engine traffic) over the past year:

A Year Ago

At this time, allow me to point out a few of our very earliest articles that, due to the newness of the blog, didn’t get much attention. If you’ve got some time on your hands, have a read-through and feel free comment.

Penelope Pince

Madoline Hatter

Thanks again to all of you for sticking with us. We look forward to an even better year ahead of us.

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5 thoughts on “Pecuniarities (Our Fourpence Worth) 1 Year Anniversary”

  1. Congrats on your 1-year! I hadn’t thought about your old name in a while, but now I recall…I like this one better though, it’s got a nice ring. 🙂

  2. A very nice achievement! It is a lot of work isn’t it? But also enjoyable and satisfying (for an 11 year retiree!). I just passed the 1 year mark and will keep it up if my wife doesn’t throw my PC out the window.

  3. Thanks, everyone, for the congratulations and good wishes. I wish you all the same with your blogs and hope you’re enjoying blogging as much as I am.


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