Save Money on Clothes: Shop the Juniors’ Department

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Obviously, this only works for a select number of the population: ladies — and perhaps a very small number of gentlemen — of small frame and stature.

While Madoline and I no longer buy clothes due to knowing how to sew our own, we did enjoy clothes shopping when we lived in L.A. where we often walked the malls for exercise to avoid the smog and sun. Being 5’3″, I always included the juniors’ section when browsing department stores.

I suppose one advantage of young girls wanting to dress like their big sisters or favorite movie star is that juniors’ fashions greatly resemble grown-up fashions and could therefore pass as “in style,” or at the very least not “out of style.”

While the adult clothing sale racks at stores such as Macy’s, Bloomie’s, Nordstrom’s, etc. often boast great prices, the juniors’ sales racks are even better. I have found tops on the juniors racks for as little $4 to $6 apiece and they don’t look much different from adult clothing.

My 5’3″ height and medium-large bone structure allows me to wear most L and XL junior sizes. I once purchased a dress from the junior section for $12. Madoline (5’4½”), the more lady-like of the two of us, has bought skirts from the junior miss department, and I, being a tomboy, used to browse the boys’ department for shirts.

As to the quality of the materials, I really don’t see any inferiority compared to that of adult clothing. In fact, I’m inclined to think that juniors clothing might be made to hold up under rougher wear than adult clothing. Maybe the material isn’t as fancy as adult clothing, maybe not. Either way, I hate the idea of spending $20-$40 on an item of clothing that I’d have to worry about getting dirty or torn in my daily activities (I am what some might call “a klutz.”)

Of course, a grownup can’t possibly outfit his/her entire wardrobe from the juniors department, but for casual, everyday wear, I don’t see anything wrong with it. And of course, not all juniors designs (artwork, logos, etc.) are suitable for grown-ups, but there are many conservative enough so as not to make one appear juvenile or eccentric.

So, if the shirt fits, wear it and save.

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3 thoughts on “Save Money on Clothes: Shop the Juniors’ Department”

  1. I totally do that! I’m only 24 so a lot of the styles still work on me, and I’m a small person. Juniors clothes are usually way cheaper. Especially at places like Nordstrom — the womens department is normally very pricey, but in the juniors section they have a Nordstrom brand of clothing that is very inexpensive and very cute. It’s definitely a good way to stay stylish for less.
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  2. I wore a top yesterday that my sister got me from Nordstrom juniors’ dept about 5 years ago – a really nice, red one for $4 (on sale) – and this guy in line before me at the grocery store kept looking me up and down, which I found really creepy. That aside, I’m 30 :O and it still fits and looks like grownup clothes.

    Though that experience makes me think that junior fashions could be a little less “grownup” for their own good.

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