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DIY Plumbing Solution: The Baking Soda & Vinegar Plumb Bomb, an Eco-Friendly Chemical-Free Liquid Plumr & Drano Alternative

The Problem

Being first time homeowners, we were unaware (until a few days ago) that the main drain in a house needs to be regularly maintained to prevent clogs from developing. So those of you who are savvy homeowners should not be astonished to hear that after 6 years, our drain developed a serious clog. While copious amounts of Liquid Plumr opened the drain enough to allow for a little water use, we were not able to do laundry in the modern fashion or take a shower lasting more than 10 seconds. Therefore, after washing our hair in the kitchen sink, we decided to try the baking soda and vinegar remedy.

The Solution

On the internet, we found many versions of this plumbing fix. Everyone had a different prescription for baking soda-to-vinegar ratio or how long to wait before pouring in the boiling water. After considering our situation, we came up with our own procedure for clearing a clog with this wholesome home remedy. Continue reading

Language Lesson ~ Frugality is a Virtue

Langauge Lessons Dictionary Image Copyright E.S.M.In modern times where the spending of money is oftentimes equated with power and status, the word “frugal” or “frugality” seems to carry an almost negative connotation and be associated with stinginess or miserliness (if you look it up in a thesaurus). However, if we go back to the actual definition and etymology (origins) of the word, we see that frugality is really a positive trait and nothing to be at all ashamed of.

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