‘Tis Not a Crime to Pinch a Penny

To celebrate our new Money Tree blog theme (if you’re reading this post in a reader, come and check it out!), I thought I would post a facetious poem that Madoline wrote a while back. The quote in our new header comes from the first line of this poem titled ‘Tis Not a Crime to Pinch a Penny.

‘Tis Not a Crime to Pinch a Penny
by Madoline Hatter

‘Tis not a crime to pinch a penny
A single cent’s as good as any
Of the hundred that’s a dollar
A hundred being only taller
A cent to none is surely better
For you are that much less a debtor.

Sprouting Penny Image by Madoline Hatter

For anyone who is curious, the images in our new theme were also designed by Madoline. The Money Tree graphics in varying stages of leaf and bloom, are available on a variety of merchandise such as mugs, cards, t-shirts and more in Our Fourpence Worth Store.

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