Two Natural and Economical Ways to Shed Dry Winter Skin


My kitchen provides two solutions for the dry flaky skin caused by cold windy days and indoor heating. One is convenient and the other smells nice.

If you want to have smooth skin and smell nice . . .

Add a squeeze of lemon to your lotion. Lemon removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin soft and even colored, and helps scars from minor cuts and blemishes to fade faster. I also believe that the acidity protects from microbial and parasitic infections because I was the only one who escaped a ringworm/scabies incident that affected the whole family once.

Because fresh lemons will spoil, cut a whole lemon into wedges and store in a container in the refrigerator. Us as needed.

Caution: Avoid sun exposure after applying lemon to your skin. Also, I do not recommend using lime; I knew some people who got 4th degree burns trying to bleach their hair with lime on a sunny day.

If you want to have smooth skin for less trouble . . .

Rub apple cider vinegar to any part of you that is dry or scaly. Like lemon, vinegar removes dead skin cells and is also antimicrobial, but comes straight out of the bottle and does not need to be refrigerated. The only down side is that you will smell like a pickle so you should only use this treatment when you are not expecting an impending social engagement or 20 minutes to an hour before you plan to shower.

Use Common Sense

If you have sensitive skin, apply vinegar and lemon with caution and dilute with water as needed. After exfoliating, you are more prone to sun damage, so use sun protection or stay indoors.

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