Uses for Expired Cosmetics, Lotions and Other Beauty and Personal Products

Face Lotion

It is generally understood that cosmetics should not be used longer than 6 months because they get contaminated with bacteria and other substances. Instead of throwing away your cosmetics upon reaching a certain date, try some of the following.

Uses for Expired Cosmetics, Lotions and Other Beauty and Personal Products

  1. Old facial moisturizers can be used on hands and other areas less sensitive than the face.
  2. Face moisturizer with SPF make nice hand lotion as sunlight causes wrinkly hands. Reapply every time you wash your hands.
  3. Face moisturizer containing alpha hydroxy acid can be demoted to feet.
  4. Instead of buying body makeup, use old foundation and powder for arms and legs.
  5. Face makeup can also be used to cover up mosquito bites and other things that happen before a dressy occasion.
  6. Facial toners can be applied to legs after shaving.
  7. Clear nail polish can be used to protect rhinestones on hair barrettes and inexpensive jewelry. It can also be used as varnish for small crafts and decorative baubles.
  8. Blush and eyeshadow are handy for making fake bruises for theatrical productions or Halloween.
  9. Nail enamel, both transparent and colored, can be used in crafts as glass paint.
  10. Lip balm that you no longer want to put on your mouth can be used for chapped skin. This is especially good for cuticles.
  11. Makeup remover is effective in removing certain chemicals from the hands such as pine-sol and oil-based solutions.
  12. Vaseline is a good lubricant for many purposes, keeping crafts from sticking to molds or preventing abrasions.
  13. Vaseline on dog hocks and elbows prevent callouses.
  14. Expired face cream can be used to oil horse tack—after all, what is leather but dry skin?
  15. Razors can remove pills from old sweaters.
  16. Save compacts with mirrors for other uses, such as plucking eyebrows, putting on contacts, etc. so as to avoid contaminating current makeup.
  17. Old tweezers and cuticle scissors are handy for crafts, certain repairs, and pulling lint from electronics.
  18. Old toothbrushes can be used to scrub pet toys, especially Galileo bones.
  19. Liquid makeup and moisturizers often come in attractive bottles and that can be washed and used for visible storage of buttons, beads, coins, etc. or miniature vases for real and fake flowers.

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  1. Great suggestions! Another one to consider adding to the list:

    Buy conditioner at the dollar store and use it for shaving cream on your legs and other areas. It may not do wonders for your hair, but it definitely protects your skin while shaving.

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